Homemade Vanilla Essence


It was my boyfriend's sister's birthday a few weeks ago and to celebrate her 18th, I wanted to give her something a little different.

Along with a bottle of Kwai Feh lychee liqueur (nom-alicious in cocktails ), I made a bottle of vanilla essence/extract with a customised birthday label, finished off with a nude bow.

I got the idea from Call Me Cupcake - its so easy to make!

All you need is:
3 vanilla pods
250 ml vodka or dark rum (I used vodka)

Slice the pods lengthwise in half, with one end still connected. Place in a clean bottle and top up with your chosen alcohol. Put the lid on and give the bottle a good shake.

Store the bottle in a dark, cool place for two months, giving it a shake once in a while. The extract will darken over time and can be refilled with more vanilla pods/vodka/rum.