Chilli Chocolate Macarons

I've been fascinated with macarons ever since we started selling them at the luxury department store I used to work at. I tasted every flavour we sold and as soon as I tasted one I thought; this is genius! This aesthetically pleasing, round and compact little meringue that is crunchy on the first bite, yet as soon as you reach the the centre, the texture turns into to a  velvety, chewy and creamy ganache that is full of flavour.

I bought the Pierre Herme macaron book some time last year and have been trying to find a good time to actually attempt to bake some macarons. It was quite overwhelming at first seeing all these different ingredients, but I thought I would take the plunge this week. 

And I did it!

I adapted the recipe a little as not only was I using my own flavour but some ingredients such as cacao pate and 'La Viette' butter I couldn't attain easily. I also halved the recipe as in the book they made 72 macarons at a time!

I would really recommend the book, the pictures are beautiful and instructions are given step by step with pictures.

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